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Phuong Nam Star Travel  was established in 1993 with first business activities such as transports, organizing short-day inbound tours for small foreign tourist groups and Vietnamese tourist froups. We then gradually open outbound tours for local Vietnamese tourists as well as successfully cooperated with our branchs office in Cambodia, Lao and with other companies in neighbouring countries.

With a successful beginning that exceed any expectation, Phuongnamstar Travel quickly became a prestige travel trade name inside and outside of Vietnam. Not only known as reliable, Phuong Nam Star Travel is also well-recognized as one of the first travel companies in Ho Chi Minh City.
- Overcoming numerous difficulties, today Phuongnamstar Travel is improving constantly and has expanded into many travel branches, agents, restaurants and hotels with systematic and professional management.
- Under the vision of "Non-Stop Improving Quality," Phuong Nam Star Travel makes quality its top criterion when serving customer. It is also the foundation to build a team of 350 dedicated, reliable and devoted staff, which includes office employees and professionally trained tour guides fluent in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Thai, German, etc. Passion, confidentiality and creativity are key factors in affirming Phuongnam Star Travel as one of the most prestigious travel brand. From the uniquely Phuongnam Star Travel packages such as "Discovering Legendary Angkor", today  Phuongnam star Travel has upgraded and diversified its products and services to satisfy tourists' higher demands with original and comfortable experiences called "High-Class Outbound/Inbound Tours."

Phuongnam Star is also the formal member of World Tralvel association as: PATA, ASTA JATA, Viet Nam Travel Association (VTA), Ho Chi Minh Travel Association (HTA)…
- Intergrating the new economy and event Viet Nam become a member of WTO on 11/ 2006, Phuongnam star travel has always been prepared itself state of mind and internal force to receive the new opportunities and further hardships, assert incessantly prestige, quality and professional in order to appropriate the title, trusts, fondness which the customer offered.

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The world is colorful with mysterious landscapes, which will bring you to return the past and and take you to modern civilisation, which is still a question in my mind.



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